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01Unparalleled Safety

Industrial construction requires advanced skills and technologies to safely power total project delivery. Our employee-owners use the power of Austin Intelligence to deliver unmatched workplace safety.
Austin Intelligence powers safety by harnessing:

Accurate data to drive risk awareness and correct deficiencies.

Virtual reality to facilitate immersive safety risk assessment and training.

Statistical pre-employment risk assessments to identify high-risk workers.

Just-In-Time Videos to decrease incidents, increase productivity and reduce rework.

02Superior Performance

Schedule compliance, budget accuracy, and the availability of up-to-the-second data are essential to achieve total project delivery. Austin Intelligence tracks materials and personnel in real-time, so resources get to where they are needed—on time, every time.
Austin Intelligence powers performance by harnessing:

RFID tracking to automate project, personnel and material reporting.

Scaffold management systems to complete designs 50-90% faster than manual or AutoCad.

Augmented reality to generate hands-free assessment of safety, quality and project progress.

Drones for inspections, RFID readings, project planning and progress reports.

03Efficient Planning

Through the use of predictive maintenance analytics, in-the-field scaffold designs and virtual training programs, Austin Intelligence can reduce overhead and maximize resource efficiency on projects of any size.
Austin Intelligence powers efficiency and planning by harnessing:

Digital tracking of materials and work crews to ensure schedule compliance.

Virtual reality to deliver safer, faster and more cost-effective project planning.

In-the-field scaffold designs to help generate precise material lists.

Data analytics to drive better decision making for projects.

04Outstanding Talent

While projects nationwide are jeopardized by a shortage of skilled craft workers, our world-class training modules, designed by experts in innovation, education, and workplace safety, help deliver the highest level of craft talent on every site.
Austin Intelligence powers workforce development and training by harnessing:

Virtual machine simulators that offer realistic heavy equipment training.

Our Mobile Learning Center to assess employee skills in the field.

RFID tracking to pinpoint worker locations in case of an emergency.

Video recordings that offer in-depth training for future workers.

05Exceptional Service

Every site’s needs are unique, and the solutions should be, too. Austin Intelligence comes at no additional cost to our customers and can be scaled to fit any project need. When you choose Austin Industrial as a general contractor, you’re getting a premier experience without the premier price.
When your project is powered by Austin Intelligence, you can count on:

No additional costs.

Fully customizable applications to fit any project need.

Consolidated project data at your fingertips through a customized dashboard.

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