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To improve customer operations, transparency, safety, and analytics for our customers, Austin Industrial is continually developing new applications to streamline and modernize our business operations. Austin Intelligence is a suite of technology solutions that can be customized to a plant’s exact layout, equipment, and operating conditions.

The Austin Intelligence Suite

AIMS, the Austin Intelligence Management System, is a powerful field-based technology platform that integrates field-collected data into robust customized reports that drive better decision making within each of Austin Industrial's core service areas: Construction, Maintenance, and Soft Crafts.

With AIMS, we consolidate thousands of jobsite data points to build custom dashboards that align with our customer's goals.

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Real-time reporting, on-time results.

  • Field productivity analyses
  • Quality control audits via mobile device
  • Automated timekeeping, daily progress updates, and transparent project reporting
  • Optimized material management
  • Advanced Work Packaging

Tracking field activity to drive site productivity.

  • Simplified, field-based iPad audits
  • Productivity tracking through detailed analysis on barriers, delays, and opportunities for improvement
  • Tracking of rework requirements
  • Near real-time tracking of overtime hours and costs as well as callouts
  • Visibility of headcount, staffing, craft data, and turnover data
Soft Crafts

Design, track, complete. Software for hard work.

  • 3D scaffold design tool
  • Complete scaffold material management system – automates material lists, ordering, and usage analysis
  • Jobsite tracking capabilities to identify and mitigate barriers to productivity
  • RFID and QR code material location tracking status

Austin CARE analytics can reveal trending safety hazards before anyone gets hurt.

  • Conduct easy, field-based audits & observations via iPad
  • Access job hazard data and refresher training remotely
  • Push notifications to frontline leaders in the field
  • Quicker incident management at the workfront
  • Promptly identify trends and address deficiencies
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AVRT delivers real-world excellence from virtual-world understanding.

  • The ability to familiarize craft and staff with the actual work environment while in the virtual world, preventing costly mistakes when work is performed
  • Project planning visualization
  • Constructability studies for better project planning
  • Remote quality and safety inspections
  • Accurate advanced work packaging
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With PowerID, never lose sight of what’s important.

  • Track personnel, equipment, and tools
  • RFID, GPS, Smart Tools, and Bluetooth technology
  • Manage inventory & prevent loss
  • Pinpoint worker locations in emergency situations
  • Optimize equipment usage
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Austin Industrial knows the power of always thinking ahead is that you’ll always stay ahead.

So, are you ready to make data-driven decisions powered by the most advanced technologies in the industry?

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